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About This Survey

Author: -elizabeth-
Created: September 9, 2007
Taken: 135 times
Rated: G

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x...That Myspace surveryy...x

Created by -elizabeth- and taken 135 times on Bzoink
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x..About Yuu..x
place of birth?
how many best friends yuu got?
hair colour?
eye colour?
single or taken?
place u rep?
wot yuu are up to?
in love?
favourite song?
favourite animal?
favourite place?
favourite place to shop?
favourite place to go wit friends?
favourite colour(s)?
favourite body feature on yuur body?
favourite body feature on tha opposite sex?
favourite sweets?
favourite holidaii?
favourite month?
favourite radio station?
favourite thing to wear?
favourite moto?
..HAVE YUU??...
have yuu stayed up all night?
have yuu got drunk?
have yuu taken drugs?
have yuu had sex?
have yuu done any thing that yuu regret?
have yuu gone abroad?
have yuu loved some one yuu thought yuu wuldn never learn to love?
have yuu kissed some one else other than yuur bf while yuu were together?
have yuu ever cheated on yuur bf/husband?
have yuu ever shop lifted?
have yuu ever bungee jumped?
have yuu any one for some one else?
have yuu lied to some one yuu love wit all ur heart?
have yuu laughed ur self to sleep?
have yuu smoked?
taken drugs?
fell in love?
been a fool?
felt upset?
felt hurt?
gone to a house partayy?
been called a tease?
touched somethin?
gone crazzii?
got money?
what have yuu been waitin for?
been talked about behind your back?
_*_First Reactions_*_
love or money?
horrible smell?
nice smell?
stolen frm yuur friend?
had a friend do somethin they sed they wuldnt?
heard somethin that made yuu cry?
saw somethin that made yuu cry?
miss some one?
miss yuur bf?
live wit yuur parents?
think yuur in love?
been dumped?
last person to make yuu feel gd?
do somethin yuu thought was right?
got a piercin?
got a tattoo?
...About yuu && tha one yuu like//love...
how old r they?
how did yuu meet?
like or love them?
how long have yuu known them/ been dating?
had sex wit that person?
kissed that person?
how long have yuu liked them before yuu loved them?
do they live close to yuu?
how do yuu kno them?
last time yuu saw them?
what reminds yuu of them?
what do yuu dislike about them?
argued wit them?
want to tell them somethin yuu cant?