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Author: heartbreaka2390
Created: December 21, 2004
Taken: 248 times
Rated: G

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harry potta quiz...

Created by heartbreaka2390 and taken 248 times on Bzoink
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hagrids dogs name?
the street harrys aunt and uncle live on
harrys cousins name
the house elf harry frees?
harrys sworn enemy, besides voldemort?
who dies in the 4th book?
who dies in the 5th book
harrys favorite sport
harrys best guy friend?
harrys position on the field?
harrys transfiguration teacher?
harrys headmaster?
what does he try to find in the first book?
harrys godfather?
hagrids dragon?
where does harry get his school supplies?
what is harrys owls name?
what is hermiones cats name?
what WAS rons rat named?
what does rons dad do for a living?
how did harrys parents die?
what is harrys aunts name?
what is harrys scar shaped like?
where does harry go for christmas?
who are dracos best friends?
who is percy?
how many brothers does ron have?
what did harry do to aunt marge in the 3rd book?
what does aunt marge breed?
what is a muggle?