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Author: brookeyboo2031
Created: August 29, 2007
Taken: 369 times
Rated: G

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all about your myspace<3

Created by brookeyboo2031 and taken 369 times on Bzoink
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you friends list.
you have more than 200 friends?
less than 50 friends?
is your boyfriend/girlfreind on ur top 1?
do you believe freinds come before bf's/gf's when it comes to your top?
do you not know one of the people on ur top 24?
do you hide your top?
do you have more than 1000 comments?
less than 50 comments?
are you embarressed that you dont have many comments?
who comments you most?
do you have any hate mail comments?
do you like bling comments?
if someone only has 176 commets do you consider them 'unpoppular'?
if someone has over 400 comments do you consider than poppular?
do you get all excited if you get a comment?
do you ever use messaging?
have myspace im?
do you use messages for private stuff?
are you nice onmyspace?
do you always reply comments?
if not why not..thats pretty rude..ill say.
if someone puts you 3rd and there not poppular, do you put them in ur top?
do you have pics of you on myspace?
do you do pc4pc?
do you have many pic comments?
do you put your best photos on myspace?
do you caption them?
do you post bullitons like you will have bad luck if you dont post this?
do you post them for comments?
when you get a new pic do you ask for pic comments throught bull.?
do you post surveys;]?
do you post bulitons like'im cool so comment me'?
pretty gay i think..
do you post bulitons like good night?
are you a myspace addict?
are you on myspace right now?
do you press 'remember me' while logging in?
is msyapce your homepage?