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Author: smsvolleyball26
Created: August 5, 2007
Taken: 318 times
Rated: G

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Created by smsvolleyball26 and taken 318 times on Bzoink
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immediate family.
what is your moms name?
what is your dads name?
have any brothers?
how about sisters?
do you have any pets?
what are their names?
do you like them?
do they live with you?
how old are they?
if they moved away, do you miss them?
can you tell them anything and everything?
do you talk to them everyday?
do they call you just to talk?
if you have more than one, is there one you like best?
do you trust them?
do you have good memories with them?
are they married, if they arent do you want them to get married?
which is the oldest?
and youngest?
whos your favorite?
lest favorite?
do they live by you?
how many boy cousins?
and how many girl cousins?
do you talk to all of them?
how often do you get to see them?
do you have family things together?
do you have fun when youre together?
have you ever taken family vacations together?
do any of them live out of state?
do you look like any of them?
is your maternal grandma still around?
how about maternal grandpa?
is your paternal grandma still here?
how about paternal grandpa?
do you have great grandparents?
do your grandparents spoil you?
honestly, do you like going to their house?
is it boring?
do you have fun?
do you talk to your grandparents at least once a week?
do you love them?
if any of them passed away, do you miss them?
any words of wisdom from the elders?
good memories?
do you have pets?
if yes, what kind are they?
do they have names?
what are they?
what was your first pets name?
do you still have it?
have you always had a pet, or just recently got one?
if you dont have any, do you want any?
does your whole family get along?
is there any family members you wish you got to see more?
do any of your friends have im or myspace?
if so, do you talk to them on it?
do you call and talk to them?
has there been a divorce in your family?
do you have any cousins that are just plain annoying?
do you have any gay/lesbians in your family?
do you suppot them if yes?
is there one side of your family you like better?
are most of your cousins older or younger than you?
do you have a small or bug family?
do you ever see your 2nd, 3rd, etc. cousins?
have you ever had a family reunion?
does your family have a lot of parties?
any good words of wisdom?