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Author: bearcatjen26
Created: July 23, 2007
Taken: 707 times
Rated: G

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Created by bearcatjen26 and taken 707 times on Bzoink
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Describe yourself in one word:
What do you do when your bored?
How many songs are on your iTunes?
Did you ever watch Saved by the Bell?
Do you like Man vs. Wild?
Do you watch E! ?
Do you love Will Ferrell?
Do you like Giraffes?
Whos Hott?
Who do you hate?
How big is your house?
How are your teeth?
Do you like Techno/Dance Music?
What about Nsync?
Whats your fav. kind of Cereal?
Do you have your Driver's License?
Who have you seen in Concert?
Who do you spend the most time with?
What kind of car does your pops drive?
Where is your pops?
Does your city suck?
Where do you work?
What sport do you play?
Do you love Daniel Tosh (the comedian)?
Who lives at your house?
Who was just at your house?
What are you listening to?
what are you waiting for?
Whats annoying you?
Are you Democratic or Republican?
Are you hood?
are you funny?
are you dumb?
Are you a simple or complex person?
are you depressed?
do you cut yourself?
What do you want?
do you like Mac & Cheese?
What did you eat when you were little?
Are you an Alien or Zombie?
Have you ever eaten dog food?
Who is your Hero(s)?
Are you a bad friend?
who did you last kiss?
what movie did you just see?
did you like it?
what movie do you want to see?
are you addicted to myspace?
are you addicted to crack?
Do you own a flask?
Do youlike Rosie O'donnell?
Do you like the movie Breakfast Club?
Are you a loser?
How much do you make an hour?
do you hate school?
what subject do you ahte most?
are you hungry?
Are you tired?
are you bored?
When will you be 18?
whens the last time you drank Alcohal?
what's your AIM s/n?
Are you homophobic?
President Bush?
What are YOU doing to help stop Global Warming?
Do you like MTV?
Do you like Rachel Ray?
Do you like Math?
what year do you graduate?
Whats your favorite Magazine?
whats your favorite book?
Do you watch Gilmore Girls?
Do you Play Guitar Hero?
Are you good at it?
Are you good at Wheel of Fortune?
Are you good at family fued?
Do you like informercials?
What are you eating?
Do you love shoes?
Have you ever been to Disney World?
Have you ever been to NYC?
Do you ever watch the Spansh Channel?
can you fend for yourself?
Who were on the phone with last?
what have you done today?
Do you have a digital camera?
Are you a bad influence?
Are you trustworthy?
Did you watch Boy Meets World?
Do you like Garlic Bread?
How's the weather?
Are your neighbors cool?
Whats wrong?
Do you like your middle name?
Do people say your dad is hott?
What kind of computer do you have?
How was this Random Survey?