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Author: surgarysweet90
Created: July 8, 2007
Taken: 1,619 times
Rated: G

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30 questions bout ur crush...

Created by surgarysweet90 and taken 1619 times on Bzoink
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ur name
do you like somebody?
are you interestedin men or women?
how old are they?
say 3 letters, 1 of them must be their 1st initial...
do they know you like them?
have you ever hung out wit em?
how long have you known him or her?
do you think they like you back?
is he or she on your top friends list?
do you wish you were with them rightnow?
what do you think he or she thinks about you?
have they ever called you?
have you ever called them?
whats ur fav. thing about em?
whats the longest time you have talked to them?
have you ever dreamed about them?
day or night?
was it good?
how hott are they 1-10?
Do you know their last name?
have you ever commented one of their pics?
have they ever commented one of urs?
Are they nice to you?
sweet to you?
are you on their top friends list?
would you consider them sexy?
do you think you all will work out together?