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Author: iloveyouloserx33
Created: July 6, 2007
Taken: 565 times
Rated: G

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Fact or Fiction!

Created by iloveyouloserx33 and taken 565 times on Bzoink
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I've Been on TV:
I've Never Touched Snow:
I've Been in an Earthquake:
I've met a celebrity:
I've been stuck in an elevator:
I've seen a ghost:
I've won a blue ribbon:
I'm named after someone:
I can speak pig latin:
I've cut my own hair:
I've stayed overnight on a boat:
I can blow a dubble bubble with gum:
I've had my tonsils removed:
I've stayed in my pajamas all day within the last year:
I've worn an outfit that embarassed me later:
I like rainy days better than sunny ones:
I like chocolate better than anything:
I've seen a single movie more than 10 times:
I like vanilla better than chocolate:
I eat peanut butter right out of the jar:
I'm double jointed:
I've dived off the high dive:
I've been to all 50 states:
I've eaten sushi:
I've eaten a bug on purpose:
I've eaten a bug by accident:
I hate a food hat most people love:
I love a food that most people hate:
I've eaten pancakes for dinner:
I've eaten pizza for breakfast:
I like cats better than dogs:
I like dogs better than cats:
I dont mind touching a worm with my bare hand:
I've ridden a camel:
I've eaten octopus:
I've caught a fish:
I've seen a baby animal being born:
I've been pooped on by a bird:
I've met a bird that can talk:
I've milked a cow:
I've touched a real dolphin:
I can juggle:
I've ridden in a hot-air balloon:
I can speak more than one language:
I can ride a unicycle:
I can say the alphabet backward:
I can burp on command:
I can raise one eyebrow:
I can wiggle my ears:
I can touch my nose with my tounge: