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Author: idodachacha
Created: July 4, 2007
Taken: 77 times
Rated: PG

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Random relationship questions

Created by idodachacha and taken 77 times on Bzoink
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If you could be with anyone right now who would you be with?
Have you ever spent the night at a signifigant other\'s house?
Do you like to be more romantic or spontaneous?
What attracts you to the opposite sex the most?
Do you prefer to be very similar or very different to them?
Do you like someone right now that is taken?
Why did your last relationship fail?
Are you in close contact with any of your exes?
Which ex had had the largest age gap?
Do you see yourself getting married in the future?
Describe your perfect date.
Which of your exes was the best kisser?
Have you had intimate relations within the last month?
Do you miss anybody right now?
What stops you from confessing your feelings to people?