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Author: nae5
Created: July 1, 2007
Taken: 662 times
Rated: PG

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Da Personal Stuff

Created by nae5 and taken 662 times on Bzoink
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where were you born?
anything in your past you regret?
like what?
are you the same person today that you were then?
what did you want to be when you were younger?
were you a shy kid or a trouble maker?
who was your idol as a kid?
who you ever go back to your past?
what school do you go to?
what grade?
what's your favorite subject?
who's your favorite teacher?
have you failed any grade?
have you ever done something in school you werent suppose to?
what was it?
are you a smart, averege or dumb student?
have you ever been in band or chrous?
what did you play?
what college do you want to attend?
whats your major going to be?
and your minor?
are you in a realationship?
name please?
are yall the same age?
same school?
are they the person of your dreams?
is your realationship sexual or personal?
how often do you think about that person?
whould you give up everything for that person?
have they ever cheated on you?
have they ever lied to you?
do you love them or are you in love with them?(big difference)
how long have yall been together?
do you think it's gonna last?
do your friend like them?
what about parents?
how many ex's do you have in the past year?
did you cheat on any of them?
do you still think about some of them?
whould you ever go out with any of them again?
any of them cheat on you?
were you in love with any of them?
do you regret ending it with anyone of them?
do you see them often?
do yall still talk?
do yall hang out?
did any of them start off as best friends with you?
do you still have feelings for one any of them?
was any of them more then two years or more older then you?
if more..how many?
T.V show?
T.V. channel?
radio station?
dance?(not type or style, a actual dance)
style of dance?
video game?
were do you live?
eye color?
hair color?
whats sports/hobbies do you have?
are you confident in yourself?
have you recently done anything you werent suppose to?
are you a risk taker or do you play it safe?
are you happy?
are you a moody person?
what are you scared of?
is your future set?
do friends mean a lot to you?
who comes first...friends or boyfriends/girfriends?
how many best friends do you have?
do yuo trust all your firends?
do they trust you?
have you told any friend EVERYTHING about you?
do you have associates?
what's your longets friendship?
are yall still friends?
are there any friends you regret having?
you ever let go a best friend?
have you ever dropped/let go a friend in general?
any particular reason why?
do you regret doing it?
has a friend ever hurt you and you've taken them back?
has any of your friends made you cry?
whould you take a bullet for yuor best friends?
have you ever dated one of your friends or best firends?
if so how many?
whould you ever do it again?
any of your friends been jealous of another one of your friends?