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Author: sunni2994
Created: June 9, 2007
Taken: 108 times
Rated: PG

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80 questions of this and that

Created by sunni2994 and taken 108 times on Bzoink
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this whole survey is this or that
beer or water
soda or kool-aid
frog or lizard
green or black
orange or pink
elephant or monkey
bored or busy
tired or hyper
love or money
time or no time
pool or season pass
six flags or fair (mmm fried food!)
sprite or 7up
pepsi or DP
organized or wing it
prepared or whatever happens
nice or nice to you and no one else
a or Z
B or T
8 or 21
random or planned
romance or marriage
love or lust
one person that you rele kno or a lot of people that you just hang with
girls or guys (to hang with)
altrenatave or chritian?
rock or rap
long hair or short for girls
long or short hair for guys
in a girl or guy this or that
blue eyes or green eyes
sober or jacked
buff or skinny
jeans or shorts
polka dots or striped
camo or birthday suit
back to the random this or that
magic or illusion
city or country
100 or 99
braclet or ring
numbers or letters
light or dark
sun or moon
life or death
suave or hebal essence
New York or Jersey
snickers or milky way
coke or root beer
up or down
a day of romance or a fun day with your friends
stars or city lights
sitting under the stars with your lover or you bestie
cloud shapes or consellations
chips or cookies
milk or coffee
surveys or polls
questions or statments
job or unemployed
free or restricted
ruled or ruler
fun or funny
3 letters or 4
machine or labor
myspace or facebook
Paris or Nicole
coach or DB
abercrombie or hollister
hot topic or spencers
Gap or Gap kids lol
candyshop or bakery
movies or dinner
cow or horse
random actual questions
do you think a cow can jump over the moon?
do you believe anything can happen?
DO u listen to music all the time?
what is your fav movie?
what is your fav song or music video?