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Author: l0veitx
Created: June 2, 2007
Taken: 1,351 times
Rated: PG

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Secrets, can you answer every question?

Created by l0veitx and taken 1351 times on Bzoink
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Who was/were your crush/crushes in...(if you arent to that age yet, put --)
first grade?
Your crush now
is he/her in your grade?
does he/her have a myspace?
is he/her in your top?
which spot?
are you in his/hers?
do you all talk alot?
do you have the same friends?
which ones?
what's their name?
Your Future
future career?
want to be married?
why/why not?
believe in it?
for you?
have you ever had your heart broken?
by who?
more than once?
how many truly happy couples over the age of 40 do you know?
are you in love right now?
have you ever been?
are in a relationship?
do you love them?
do they think you do?
do you think they trust you?
do you trust them completely?
have they ever broken your heart?
if so, do you trust that they won't do it again?
Do you/would you
tell the truth?
which do you do more often?
do drugs?
have you ever (no, i doubt the police will read this)?
gotten majorly drunk?
do it often?
ever tried?
have you ever done any of the things above because your friends did?
would you, if in the situation?
have you ever done anything just because your friends did?
did you want to do it?
how did that work out for you?
which is the most annoying?
which is the stupidest?
which is loudest?
which is the one you pretend you like but really don't?
which is the one you just feel sorry for?
which one is just a friend's friend?
which is your bestfriend?
Questions you really would rather not answer
Are you a legit virgin?
do you think you are fat?
what is your least favorite thing about your body?
your personality?
do you lie to your friends?
biggest lie ever told?
did you just lie?
did you just answer
wierdest place you're ever been kissed?
what's the last thing you did on the computer?
before that?
before that?
have you ever had an online thing with someone?
did you know them?
in person?
ever cybered?
have you ever been harrassed online?
ever been arrested?
for what?
would you ever have sex with someone because you wanted them to like you?
who do you dress for?
do you you think you're attractive?
have you ever been attracted to a member of the same sex?
what was the hardest desicion you ever had to make?
what are you most scared of right now?
are you ever scared of things that you know you shouldn't be?
do you like yourself?
are you happy?
did you lie on any of them?
if so (i know you did), at least tell which ones.
did you simply put down: ...?
how about: idk?
how about: too many to count?
how about: pshtt, yeah im going to answer that?
did you just lie?
did you like the surveyy?
did you have to think on any?
which ones?
glad it's over?