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Author: lemoneylimade
Created: May 28, 2007
Taken: 1,593 times
Rated: G

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Facebook survey

Created by lemoneylimade and taken 1593 times on Bzoink
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Which friend do you....
talk to the most?
have the most classes with?
sit with at lunch?
talk to before school?
talk to after school?
talk to during school?
can you talk to the most?
trust the most?
consider your best friend?
consider to be your boyfriend/girlfriend?
consider to be your closest guy friend outside your boyfriend?
closet girl friend outside your girlfriend?
Who do you play sports with?
Who would you consider to be your equal?
how about yout opposite?
who do you talk to most on the computer?
on facebook?
how about myspace?
who do you borrow the most clothing from?
or stuff from?
who helps you the most with homework?
who could you ask for help?
who couldnt you?
who has the prettiest eyes?
nicest hair?
nicest face?
biggest nose?
how about beird?
whose the most promiscuous?
who is the least?
who do you work with?
whose your favorite to work with?
Who have you tagged the most?