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Author: TwistedWhispers
Created: January 18, 2004
Taken: 594 times
Rated: PG

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Either Or *Long*

Created by TwistedWhispers and taken 594 times on Bzoink
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left or right
seven or six
russa or china
english or spanish
america or england
boys or girls
pizza or pasta
sushi or shrimp
rock or rap
pop or classical
msn or aim
milk or water
chocolate milk or strawberry milk
soy milk or cows milk
horses or goats
quizes or tests
midterm or final
spring or fall
summer or winter
cuts or bruses
magazine or book
paper or plastic
dollars or coins
babys or toddlers
chair or floor
WinMX or KaZaA
Blame or take responsibility
lie or truth
easy way or hard way
quotes or lyrics
free or hard earned
MP3 player or portable CD player
loud or quiet
journal on line or old fashioned
used or new
cheap or expensive
music or silence
love or lust
hate or loath
apathy or elation
abc or xyz
Marilyn Manson of Mandy Moore
Britney or Justin
Kelly or Christina
write or type
computer or television
phone or in life
Madonna or Marilyn (Monroe)
Marilyn Manson or Mailyn Manroe
First name or last name
town or city
cd or disk
kiss or sex
lick or suck
watch or clock
same sex or different sex
glasses or contacts
death or life
zombie or ghost
day or night
saturday or sunday
knives or razors
boxers or breifs
skirts or pants
cuts or scratches
hit by a car or hit by a lawn mower
car or bus
train or plane
thirteen or seven
cell phones or none
silence forever or nails against a chalkboard
pen or pencil
pain or pleasure
sneakers or boots
nickname or realname
fast dance or slow dance
no dance or slow dance
high school or college
van gogh or monet
realistic or fantasy