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Author: x-bubblez-x
Created: May 1, 2007
Taken: 13 times
Rated: G

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x-All Abwt Yhoo-x

Created by x-bubblez-x and taken 13 times on Bzoink
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x-Bwt Tha Show-x
Introducing - x
Became A Star - x
Stands At - x
Playz Dress Up In - x
Walks Dwn Tha Red Carpet In - x
Brushes Back - x
Styled Wid - x
Flickerz - x
Putz Blusher On - x
Her Gurliez Are - x
Playz Kissy Catch Wid - x
Sharez Her Castle Wid - x
Studiez At - x
Dancez Dwn Tha Streetz Ov - x
x-Wt She Lvz-x
Her Colour Is - x
She Lvz Tha Film - x
She Rdz Tha Boook - x
Whilst Munching Her - x
Her Fv Animal - x
Her Idol Is - x
She Lvz To - x
She Couldn't Liv Widout - x
She Lvz To Wear - x
She Dancez To - x
Her Fv Day - x
She Lvz To Play - x
Her Fv Lesson - x
Lkz Forward To - x
x-Tha Cameraz Rolling-x
She Wakez Up At - x
For Breakfast She Eatz - x
She Putz On - x
In Her Bag She Packz - x
She Getz To School By - x
To Meet Up Wid - x
Her Class Is Called - x
Her Teacher Is - x
For Lunch She Eatz - x
She Gtz Told Off For - x
But Praised For - x
She Sharez Her Desk Wid - x
The Homebell Chimez At - x
She Getz Home By - x
She Changez Into - x
She Spendz Her Afternoon - x
Whilst Talking To - x
For Tea She Eatz - x
She Goes To Bed - x
She Scrubz Her Teeth Wid - x
She Sleepz Between - x
She Fallz To Sleep At - x