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Author: -emolove-
Created: April 27, 2007
Taken: 436 times
Rated: G

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100 different questions

Created by -emolove- and taken 436 times on Bzoink
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What was the last thing you drank
Are you a vegan
When you walk in your dream home what room[s] would you see
Name your closest friends
What's your favorite hair color for your sex
How about the opposite sex
Have you fallen asleep in school
Avoiding school is your favorite sport
What's the famous name you get called by people you haven't met
What year were you born in
Do you have an ipod
Would you ever pierce your lip
What time did you pass out for sleep last night
Which one of your friends did you talk to on the phone or in person last
What's the first thing you notice about the opposite sex
Name two really good songs that you love
Name some of your favorite bands
When was the last time someone lied to you
Last concert attended
What movie are you planning on seeing next
What place in the world would you want to go right now?
What are you doing this weekend
What event are you looking forward to
Do you have a crush on someone
Are you up or downstairs
What jewlery are you wearing
Do you beleive that people talk about you behind your back a lot
If someone set your room on fire what would be the first thing you'd grab
What color of car do you want
What are you plans for the rest of today
What's something you've been waiting to get mailed to you
What are you listening to right now
Are you ill
Do you like chinese food
What size is your bed
What color are your curtains
Who do you think is the hottest man/woman to walk the face of the earth
Favorite harry potter character
Taco bell or burger king
Wendys or white castle
Favorite line of lyrics
What was the last tv show you watched on tv
What are three of your favorite colors
What's your eye color
Your dream guy [hair color, eye color, piercings,etc]
What's your favorite nickname
Favorite disney movie
How tall are you
What do you want to be when your old enough to have a real job
Who do you talk to most on the telephone
Would you want to live around people or in the woods if you had a choice
If you had 1 million dollars what would you do with it right now
Is your favorite number in your phone number?
Do you have any piercings
Your current aim screename
What's your middle name
What words do you use often
Whats your favorite type of outfit
Have you just wanted to die lately
Do you close your eyes when you're on a rolercoaster
Are you creative
Whos your favorite artist
Do you like sushi
Do you do pushups
Do you often take painkillers
Name a couple drinks you drink every single day
What does your hair look like at the moment
What color of clothing do you wear the most of
What's your favorite book
Which one of your friends do you miss the most
What are you wearing
What did you do yesterday
Do you like dressing up for special occasions
Biggest pet peeves
What's your favorite energy drink
What's your favorite kind of chips
Have you ever read a book for school and actually enjoyed it
Do you like to sing
How many friends on myspace do you have
Do you wear cool socks
Whats a band that you used to love to death but your growing out of
Would you rather be murdered or eaten by a lion
Do you wish you were in a relationship
Name two singers you can't get enough of
How many states have you been to
Does anyone find you attractive
Do you like watching fireworks
What song are you listening to now
Do you still watch kiddy movies or tv shows
Suscribed to any magazines
Do you listen to michael jackson
Do you like to dance
Whats your bag look like that you carry to school
What cd is currently in your cd player or stereo
Have you ever been to the ER
If you were FORCED to overdose on a drug what would you choose
What song do you want people to hear at your funeral
If your stuck in a room with a chalkboard what would you draw
What's your theme song
Do you share drinks with people
How long does it take you to get out of bed in the morning
What's your hardest class at school
Do you eat your school lunch
Do you skip school often
Does christmas music annoy you
What was your greatest halloween costume
Do you ever think there are too many numbers to remember in our lives
How do people usually pronounce your name
Do you ever feel guilty eating meat