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Author: dancerzrock17
Created: April 15, 2007
Taken: 2,325 times
Rated: G

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Long This or That Survey.. 100 Questions

Created by dancerzrock17 and taken 2325 times on Bzoink
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sunshine or rain?
hearts or stars?
fold your clothes or hang them up?
milkshake or fruit smoothie?
road trip or plane ride?
fruits or veggies?
chips ahoy! or oreos?
wake up cold or wake up hot?
dressed up or dressed down?
loud & crazy or quiet & reserved?
player or fan?
myspace or livejournal?
snowy mountains or tropical beaches?
markers or crayons?
coloring books or word searches?
fat pillow or skinny pillow?
bar soap or liquid soap?
outlet shopping or in a mall?
ice cream in a cone or in a cup?
ribbons or streamers?
elementary or middle school?
windows up or down?
chick flick or scary movie?
date someone for looks or personality?
zip up jacket or pull-over hoodie?
single or taken?
blonde or brunette?
athletic or artistic?
big parties or small get-togethers?
prom date or prom party?
college close to home or far away?
get married or stay single?
physics or chemistry?
history or science?
algebra or geometry?
reading or writing?
test or project?
partying or clubbing?
fast-food or fancy restaurant?
cell phone or house phone?
radio or CD?
iPod or MP3 player?
candy or chocolate?
shoes on or off?
lights on or off?
brownies or cupcakes?
theme park or carnival?
Lays or Pringles?
books or magazines?
cancun or bahamas?
school work or house work?
dollar bills or change?
credit or debit?
gift cards or cash?
taking pictures or being in them?
paper or plastic bags?
aerobics or weight training?
pets inside or outside?
mexican food or italian food?
taxi or bus?
wallet or purse?
police or firefighter?
open shoes or closed?
pilates or yoga?
long socks or short ones?
being able to read minds or being able to fly?
loud music or quiet?
follow trends or make your own?
leader or follower?
fling or serious relationship?
navy or marines?
manicure or pedicure?
posters or pictures on your walls?
share your room or it's all your own?
letter or e-mail?
home-made or store bought?
staying in or going out?
make-up or all-natural?
chicken or beef?
pens or pencils?
tile or carpet?
mixed drinks or straight?
lake or ocean?
sand or dirt?
sun bathe or swim?
t-shirts or polos?
straight hair or curly?
stay safe or take a risk?
sensitive or tough?
write it in a planner or on your hand?
get mad or get even?
plastic wrap or plastic baggies?
popsicle or creamsicle?
cigarettes or smoke-free?
up north or down south?
simple or complicated?
vaccuming or sweeping?
gel or mousse?
laugh or love?