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Author: caleybug
Created: April 14, 2007
Taken: 257 times
Rated: G

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D You Believe .....

Created by caleybug and taken 257 times on Bzoink
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in god?
in satan?
in heaven?
in hell?
in sacrifice?
in forgivenenss?
in original sin?
in deities?
in miracle workers?
in nirvana?
in sasquatch?
in aliens?
in vampires?
in the loch ness monster?
in ghosts/spirits?
in chupacabras?
in werewolves?
in soul mates?
that theres someone for everyone?
that you could change someone?
in love at first sight?
that you can die from heartbreak?
that some people are just born evil?
that some people have extra senses?
that people may have lived previous lives?
that there is some sort of good in everyone?
that everyone is good at something?
that nobody is perfect?
what they tell you in history books?
the stories from the bible?
what your parents tell you?
what government officials tell you?
that our brains can do alot more than we know?
in evolution?
in the big bang?