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About This Survey

Author: leahmary07
Created: April 12, 2007
Taken: 199 times
Rated: G

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x About Yourself x

Created by leahmary07 and taken 199 times on Bzoink
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*About U*
~Full Name~
~Hair Colour~
~Eye Colour~
~Dress Size~
~Home Town~
~Time Of Day~
~Day Of The Week~
~Football Team~
~Ice Cream Flavour~
~Place Would U Most Like To Visit~
~Person Would You Most Like To Meet~
~Do You Want To Be When You're Older~
~Makes You Happy~
*Have u....*
~Done Something You've Regreted~
~Had A Wish That Came True~
~Had A Dream Come True~
~Cried Cause U Laffed So Hard~
~Been Abroad~
~Got Any Piercings~
~Got Something U Keep That Means Alot 2 U?~
~Type Of Food~
~Place In The World~
*Other Random Questions*
~Have U Ever Been To A Concert?~
~Have U Ever Met A Celeb?~
~Where Do U Want To Live When You're Older?~
~Describe Your Perfect Future~
~Whos The Most Inspirational Person?~