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Author: lizzie8
Created: March 21, 2007
Taken: 116 times
Rated: G

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Created by lizzie8 and taken 116 times on Bzoink
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Whats your full name?
Are you really the age you\'re listed as on myspace?
Do you live with your parents?
What was your favorite babysitters name?
Ever gone to the bathroom with someone else in the room?
Whats your favorite Disney movie?
How old were you 7 years ago?
Whos your favorite actor?
Whos your favorite actress?
How old will you be in 8 years?
Whats your favorite color?
Can you name all the colors of the rainbow in order?
If so... Prove It!
Whos your favorite artist?
Are you in school?
What size jeans do you wear?
Do you like to race?
Ever been camping?
Favorite Flower?
Whats Your best friends name?
Have you ever loved anyone who didnt love you back?
All time favorite movie?
Whats your favorite tv show?
Whats the weirdest nickname, one of your friends have?
Play tennis?
Have you ever been baptized?
Are you adopted?
Have you ever been told you were adopted?
Ever been stabbed in the back?
Can you love someone and not trust them?
Thoughts on homework?
Favorite name for a boy?
Favorite name for a girl?
Any siblings?
If so, What are their names?
Where do you work?
What teacher made the biggest impression on you?
Favorite male singer?
Favorite Female singer?
Name something other than food and water, you could not live without.
What size bed do you have?
How many pillows?
Have you ever had braces?
Last time you got your hair cut?
Is superman hot?
When you got a spanking what was it with?
Best Video game out right now?
Elementry, Middle, or High School?
Is your hair color natural?
Last time you shaved?
Take any medications daily?
Ever done anything you said you never would?? If so what?
Shy or outgoing?
Favorite song?
One piece or two piece swim suits?
First dance?
Sports you were in as a kid?
Do you wear a uniform to work?
Whats your favorite fruit?
Favorite candy bar?
Newspaper or News?
Do you have clothes you havent worn in a year??
Have you ever put glue on your skin, just to be able to peel it off?
Do you write on your burned cds?
About how many mixed cds do you own?
Whats your favorite "old school" song?
Private or Public schools?
Whats the next movie you want to see in theathers
Ever wanted to be a circus clown?
If you won 2 million, but had to use it all in a week what would you buy?
Jeans or Khakis?
Would you rather date a country or a city boy/girl?
Have you ever come close to dieing?
Are you a giver or a taker?
Want kids? If so how many?
What are your mom and dads full names?
Has your trust for someone ever been trashed?
If blonde, do blonde jokes offend you?
Ever notice how the weather forcast changes every 30 minutes?
Ever been to prom?
Favorite sushi?
Store in the mall?
Hang out place?
Gone sky diving?
Eaten a funnel cake?
A whole Foot long sub?
Favorite flavor milk shake?
Are you alone right now?
What do you say so much that ppl started copying you?
What kind of car do you own?
What kind of car do you want to own?
Song to dance to?
Which friend do you act craziest with?
Who are you more tamed around?
Has a boyfriend/Girlfriend ever said they loved you?
Did you tell them back?
Have you ever been dumped?
Have you ever sang the song that gets on everyones nerves?
Do you enjoy taking long walks down the putt putt golf course?