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Author: aehale09
Created: March 18, 2007
Taken: 1,628 times
Rated: G

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u & ur bf

Created by aehale09 and taken 1628 times on Bzoink
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Your Name?
His Name?
Your Age?
His Age?
Your B-day?
His B-day?
Do you love him?
Does he love you?
Who said it first?
Do you trust him?
Does he trust you?
How long have you been together?
How long has it been official?
How long do u plan on staying with him?
Is he good to you?
Are you good to him?
Do you like it when...
You all are together?
He hugs you?
He kisses you?
He says i love you?
He picks on you?
About Him...
Hair color?
Eye color?
Does he work?
Does he drive?
Does he go out of his way to make you happy?
Does he spend every spare moment with you?
Does he choose you over his friends?
Does he do sweet things for you?
What was the sweetest?
Does he buy you stuff?
How do you feel...
When he holds you?
When he hugs you and squeezes you tight?
When he sticks up for you?
When he calls you at 3:00 a.m. just to say "I love you"?
Does he make you feel...
Cared about?