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Author: angelcatbox
Created: March 11, 2007
Taken: 2,578 times
Rated: PG

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Fabulous Top 8 Survey!

Created by angelcatbox and taken 2578 times on Bzoink
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First off, who are they?
Number 1
Number 2
Number 3
Number 4
Number 5
Number 6
Number 7
Number 8
Let's talk about #1.
Guy or Girl?
Cool... How'd you meet?
Ooh, are you dating or anything?
Do you love them?
Have to ever been to this persons house?
Do they have any classes with you?
Which ones?
That's cool... how old are they?
Speaking of which... how old are you?
Mmkay, so how often do you see your #1?
Do you wish you saw them more?
Have you ever hugged them?
Nice to know. Anything else to say about them?
Onto Number 2! (Second is the best)
So are they a girl or guy?
Are you dating?
Best friends?
Do they have any classes with you?
Ooh, have you ever been to their house?
Have they been to yours?
Do you like tehir family?
I see... What color is their hair?
Are they nice?
How old?
Oh, have you ever even met them?
Fave memory together?
Any inside jokes?
That's cool. Anything else?
On to Number 3!
Girl or Guy?
How old?
Do you love this person?
Any classes with them?
Oohkay.. well, do you have any inside jokes?
That's cool, are they pretty?
What about handsome?
Do they have good handwriting?
Do you see them often?
What's a good memory with them?
Sounds cool, well have you ever been to their house?
What about their grandparents house?
Oh, so do you know them in real life?
Neat.. kay well, anything else?
Number 4 it is then
Guy or Girl?
How did ya'll meet?
Do you like this person?
Are you friends?
Inside jokes?
Oh, well how old are they?
Really? Are they nice?
Do you love them?
Have you ever been to their house?
Fave memory together?
Cool, do you IM eachother?
Ah, well any last words about #4?
5 Golden Rings!! I mean, er.. #5.
Girl or Guy?
Cool, how old?
Have you been to their house?
I see... ever kissed them?
Okay, have you ever commented their pics?
Have they commented yours?
Any classes together?
Mk, Best memory with them?
How long have you known them?
Nice, How did you meet?
That's cool, anything else about #5?
sixsixsix it's time for #6!
What is their full name?
I see, boy or girl?
Older than you?
Ah, classes together?
Have you been to their house?
They been to yours?
Do they ever comment you?
How about message?
How did you guys meet?
Ooh... So are you friends?
That's cool, do you actually know them?
Ahh.. any last words about them?
Girl or Guy?
Where do know them from?
Oh, how old are they?
That's cool, any classes together?
Ever been to their house?
Do you really know this person out of the internet?
Ah, so have they ever commented your blog?
Oh... Inside jokes?
Do you know any secrets about them?
Kay, anything else?
Last & Probably least, #8!
Guy or Girl?
Do you consider them your friend?
Ooh... well how old are they?
Awesome!!!! Well, who's their best friend?
Randomness, but anywhow, where do they live?
Why would you even know that?
Are they dating anyone?
Cool, so how tall are they?
Oh, how did you two meet?
Oh, well, anything else?
Who is your best friend in your top 8?
Who are you dating?
Would 1 & 6 make a good couple?
2 & 8?
5 & 6?
How about 1 & 7?
Okay, well, did you like my survey?