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About This Survey

Author: superstar2b01
Created: February 23, 2007
Taken: 300 times
Rated: G

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This one survey that you should totally take.

Created by superstar2b01 and taken 300 times on Bzoink
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~*About You*~
What\'s your name? (You don\'t need to put your full name)
When were you born?
Where were you born?
What color are your eyes?
What color is your hair?
How tall are you?
How much do you weigh?
~*Other Information*~
Righty or Lefty?
What\'s your worst habit?
What\'s your zodiac sign?
What size are your shoes?
Pant size? (Ladies, you are allowed to LIE)
Do you have an innie belly button or an outie?
What shoes did you wear today?
What is your perfect pizza?
Your most overused phrase on Instant Messenger?
What's your bedtime?
What is your first thought when you wake up?
~*A little more personal*~
Are your parents stil ltogether?
What are your weaknesses?
What are you afraid of?
What do you think your best physical feature is?
What is your most missed memory?
~*"These are a few of my favorite things!"*~
What's your favorite color?
What's your favorite food?
What about your favorite sport?
What's your favorite animal besides a dog or cat?
What's your favorite Ice cream?
Your favorite sweet treat would definately be a:
Shopping place?
Salad dressing?
Way to chop carrots?
Do you have a favorite celebrity?
What's your favorite number?
Brand of gum?
Do you have a favorite toothpaste flavor?
Do you have a favorite TV station?
What's your favorite scent? (It can be anything!)
Body part on the opposite gender?
What's your favorite letter?
Which one of your friends acts the most like you?
Who talks the most when they're not suppost to?
Who's the one that's really loud? All the time. Even when you go "SHUSH!"
Who makes you laugh the most?
Who have you known the longest?
Who do you think is the most "cute"? In a puppy dog way?
Who is the shyest?
What's your dream job?
How do you want to die?
What are your turn ons?
Turn offs?
What's the best feeling in the world?
What's the worst feeling?
If you could live wherever you wanted to, where would it be?
If you could change one thing about ANYTHING, what would it be?
If you could change anything about YOU, what would it be?
How long do you think you'll live?
~*Grilling section*~
Have you ever done drugs?
Have you ever drank alcohol?
Did you ever sneak out?
Do you ever PLAN to sneak out?
What's the biggest rule you've ever broken?
Did you ever lie to someone close to you?
Have you ever stolen anything?
~*Finish this sentance*~
Let's walk the...
Let's look at the...
What a nice...
Where did all the...
Why can't we...
Silly, little...
Isn't it weird that...
Never under any circumstance...
I wish...
Everybody has a...
I am...
You are such a...
Can I hold your...
Once I saw a...
~*Have you ever*~
Been in love?
Been to Juvie/Jail?
Have you ever mooned someone?
Have you ever been rejected?
Have you ever ran away from home?
Have you ever pictured your crush naked?
Have you ever skipped school?
Have you ever thought about suicide?
Have you ever slept outside?
Have you ever laughed so hard that you cried?
Have you ever cried in school?
Have you ever thrown up in public?
Have you ever wanted to be a model?
How about an actor/actress?
Have you ever cheated on your signifigant other?
Have you ever done something stupid that you still laugh about today?
Have you ever asked anyone out?
Has anyone asked you out?
Have you dated a best friend?
Have you dated a friend's ex?
Have you dated your OWN ex?
Have you dated a relative?
Have you ever been "The other man/woman?"
Are you married?
Have you ever been engaged?
Have you ever lied in a relationship?
Have you ever had an internet relationship?
Have you ever met someone on a phone dateline?
Have you ever dated a celebrity?
Are you currently dating someone?