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Author: diischiicisinlub
Created: February 22, 2007
Taken: 1,078 times
Rated: PG

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Just About Your Crush

Created by diischiicisinlub and taken 1078 times on Bzoink
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::Lets Start with the Basics::
Is it a boy or girl?
How old is he/she?
Does he/she like you back?
Since when have you had a crush on that person?
Is he/she the only person you have a crush on?
::We Want to Know...::
How did you meet this person?
Do your friends know who this person is?
Why do you like this person?
What attracts you more about this person?
Does he/she know you like them?
Do you even talk to this person?
Has this person ever ask you out, flirted or did anything intimate with you
Whould you ever ask her/him out?
::Describe Them::
Color eyes?
Color hair?
Do they have a middle name?
Do you hang out with him/her a lot?
What kinda of personality does that person have?
::Details, Details!::
Have you guys gone out before?
Have you gone out with one of their relatives?
Does he/she have your number?
Do you have their number?
On a scale of 1-10, 10 being the highest, show how much u like this person:
Do you love her/him?
Have you met their parents?
Have they met your parents?
::A Little Bit More Personal::
Would you play truth or dare with them?(Honestly)
Whats the sweetest thing he/she has done?
Would you ask this person out to dance?
Would you hold his/her hand?
Would you french kiss them?
Go all the way with them?
Get intimate?
Get married?
Have Kids?
::If you were going out with them...::
Would you call them everyday?
Txt message her/him sweet messages to wake up to?
Go out on dates?
Dedicate a song for them?
Say I Love You?
Let them cuddle with you?
::Happily Ever After::
Do you think he/she's the one?
If they are then might as well say who it is :
And say how much you like them:

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