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Author: greysgirl1
Created: February 17, 2007
Taken: 357 times
Rated: G

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The Ultimate Grey's Anatomy Quiz

Created by greysgirl1 and taken 357 times on Bzoink
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The Basics
When did you first watch an episode of Grey's?
Were you hooked right away or were you a casual watcher?
Do your friends watch it?
Do you and your friends discuss what happened/what will happen?
Is it your favorite show?
Have you ever read a fanfic? (an episode/story written by a fan of the show
Have you ever been to the offical ABC Grey's website?
Do you read the writer's blog? Any of the character blogs?
Do you listen to the podcasts?
The Characters
Favorite male character?
Favorite female character?
Favorite couple?
Meredith/Derek or Addison/Derek?
Do you like Burke/Christina together?
Alex/Izzie or Alex/Addison?
Addison/Mark or Addison/Alex?
Izzie/Alex or Izzie/Denny (before he died, obviously)
Meredith/Derek or Meredith/Finn
McDreamy, McSteamy or McVet?
Hottest guy?
Hottest girl?
Do you like George and Callie?
Who should get Chief after Webber retires?
Should Meredith make nice with her father?
Should we see more of Meredith's step family?
Who should be the next doctor with their own medical crisis?
Do you want anyone to be pregnant this season? Do you think anyone is?
Do you think Shonda Rhimes is a creative genius?
The Actors
Do you think Isaiah Washington should have been fired for the gay slur?
Which actor do you think has the best style?
the worst style?
Which actress do you think has the best style?
the worst style?
Which actress deserves an Emmy first?
Which actor deserves an Emmy first?
Which actor would you want to spend a day with?
Which actress would you want to spend the day with?
Which actor/actress do you think you'd have the most in common with?
Which actor/actress do you think you resemble the most
Have you ever seen Moonlight Mile with Ellen Pompeo? Did you like it?
What about Sweet Home Alabama and Can't Buy Me Love w/Patrick Dempsey?
The Wedding Planner with Justin Chambers?
Kicking and Screaming with Kate Walsh?
Sideways with Sandra Oh?
Under the Tuscan Sun with Kate Walsh and Sandra Oh? (who played lovers, btw
Have you seen any of the actors/actresses in any other TV roles?
Who is your overall favorite actor/tress?