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About This Survey

Author: sarahnr13
Created: February 7, 2007
Taken: 63 times
Rated: G

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O ya

Created by sarahnr13 and taken 63 times on Bzoink
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About You
{Hair Color}
{Body Type}
{Eye Color}
{Music Type}
{Movie Type}
Which do you Prefer
{Vanilla or Chocolate}
{Dark or milk chocolate}
{Goth or Gansta}
{City or Conutry}
{Scary or Humerous}
{Guys or Girls}
{Sports or shopping}
{Black or White}
{Rock or Hip-hop}
{Friends or Boyfriend}
{Pond or Pool}
{Blonde or Brunette}
What do you like of the Oppisite sex
{Body Type}
{Into sports?}
{First thing you notice about them}
{smarts or good looking and dumb}
()()() Future ()()()
{Dream Car}
{Dream House}
{Dream Room}
{Dream Job}
{How many kids?}
{Married at what age?}
{Kids at what age?}