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Author: firedancer4
Created: February 6, 2007
Taken: 8,732 times
Rated: PG

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1 0 0 Q U E S T i O N S <3

Created by firedancer4 and taken 8732 times on Bzoink
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(( B A S i C S ))
Real Name:
Single or Taken:
Zodiac Sign:
Male or Female:
Elementary School:
Junior High School:
High School:
Eye Color:
Hair Color:
Long or Short:
Favorite Color:
Favorite TV Show:
Tan or Pale:
Are You A Health Freak:
Have A Crush On Someone:
Do You Like Yourself:
Righty or Lefty:
(( F i R S T S ))
Best Friends:
Sport You Joined:
Broken Bone:
(( C U R R E N T L Y ))
Thinkning About:
About To..:
Listening To:
Crushing On:
Waiting For:
Mad At:
(( L A S T S ))
Book You Read:
Movie You Watched:
Person You Talked To:
Person You Were Mad At:
Person You IMed:
Person You Hugged:
Person You Kissed:
Person You Yelled At:
Game You Watched:
(( T H E O P P O S i T E S E X ))
Country Boy or Pretty Boy:
Lips or Eyes:
Hugs or Kisses:
Shorter or Taller:
Romantic or Spontaneous:
Nice Stomach or Nice Arms:
Brown Hair or Blonde Hair:
Long Hair or Short Hair:
Sensitive or Loud:
Hook-Up or Relationship:
Trouble-Maker or Hesitant:
(( H A V E Y O U E V E R ))
Kissed a Stranger:
Drank Bubbles:
Lost Your Glasses/Contacts:
Sang In Public:
Danced In Public:
Wanted to Die:
Snuck Out:
Been Grounded:
Been In a Fight:
Told Someone You Loved Them:
Been Out of State:
Done Drugs:
Wanted to Hurt Someone:
Lied To Your Family:
Made Pizza:
Had a Birthday Party:
Laughed Until You Peed On Yourself:
Believe In Love:
Been Skinny Dipping:
Been To Europe:
Ran Away From Home:
Broken Any Bones:
Broken Someone's Heart:
Been Arrested:
Turned Someone Down:
Cried When Someone Died:
Like A Friend:
(( D O Y O U B E L i E V E i N ))
Love At First Sight:
Santa Clause:
Sex On the First Date:
Kissing On the First Date:
(( A N S W E R T R U T H F U L L Y ))
Is There Someone You Want to Be With Right Now:
Are You Happy With Your Life:
Ever Had More Than One Boyfriend/Girlfriend At A Time:
Do You Believe In God: