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Author: dancer4u2l4e
Created: October 25, 2004
Taken: 75 times
Rated: G

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dancer4u2l4e's Untitled

Created by dancer4u2l4e and taken 75 times on Bzoink
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shoe brand
gum flavor
dae of week
kerry or bush
toothpaste brand
radio station
guy band
girl band
guy singer
girl singer
dead sexi guy...
hott gurl..
vhs or dvd
popcorn w/ salt or butter
coke or pepsi
hamburger, hotdogs, or tacos
usher or nelly
cats or dogs
christina or britney
best friend (gurl)
best friend (guy)
you feel ....
you wish....
you love....
you hate....
you know....
AIM s/n
yahoo s/n
icq #
msn s/n
fav girl names
fav guy names
fav #
fav movie
fav actor
hottest actor
fav actress
hottest actress
r u prep/goth/punk/skater or no labels
fav book
fav author
best summer trip
fav season
fav shape
u flush public toilets with...
u eat yogurt
u love to swim
who would u wanna get really wasted w/
candy or cookies
pig latin or gibberish
50 cent or eminem
u have a bf/ gf
who is it?
u nvr failed a grade
# of sibings
parents relationship?
rubix cube, toy or game
who do u wanna kill
who r u mad at
who do u miss
who do u love
who do u hate
who is ur BFF
who is ur enemy
who is the last person u really kissed
whose the last person u hugged
whose the last person u talked to
whats the last song u listened to
whats the last drink u had
who do u wanna slap
who do u wanna sleep with
who do u wanna visit
what are u wearing
what time is it
what is playing
what do u hear
do u like peter pan
do u speak a foriegn language
do u keep a diary/journal
do u think random things
do u like pickles
do u like smurfs
what school activities are/ were u in
1- 10 (best) how do u rate this survey